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From ‘Just Looking’ to ‘Just Bought’: 5 Tips for Driving In-Store Sales

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Every time a customer leaves your store empty-handed, you've lost out on potential revenue. These 5 easy tricks could mean the difference in getting shoppers to the cash register and making that sale.

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1. Think like a customer.

Enter your shop with your customer hat on— what do you see? How do you feel? Is the shop inviting, with eye-catching items right by the entrance? Are you inspired to engage with the goods, or are they so immaculately displayed you're too nervous to touch? Customer experience can be the difference between a browse and a buy. Pay attention to your layout, your lighting and the pathway to the checkout. Try placing lower-priced items by the cash register—they're a great way to spark impulse buys.


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2. Get talking.

The longer customers stay in your shop, the more likely they are to buy. Encouraging customers to take their time while shopping can push your sales up by 40 percent.1 Make sure everyone entering your shop feels both welcome and unpressured. Get to know and understand your customers so you can offer bespoke recommendations. Spark up natural conversations, not sales pitches –and train your staff to know the difference.


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3. Run short-term sales.

Limited time offers needn't feel 'cheap'. Done right, they're a great way to stir up interest and drive urgency to buy. They're positive brand builders, too—75 percent of consumers say incentives like this improve their perception of a company.2


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4. Show off your 5 stars.

Have your products got glowing reviews? Use them! Positive feedback from other customers builds confidence and can tip browsers over into being buyers. 93 percent of consumers say that online reviews have an impact on their purchase decisions.3


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5. Let your customers pay how they want.

Everyone's got their favorite way to pay – make sure you accept them. Accepting a variety of payment methods, from different cards to mobile payments, gives your customers max choice at the checkout and can lead to more frequent, bigger transactions. Show off which methods you accept with clear signage. This builds trust and reassurance, all while sending a signal that you are a high-profile merchant with a convenient and smooth payment experience.

These are simple tactics, yet too many retailers don't put them into practice. Try them out in your store – you've got nothing to lose, and only potential revenue to gain.


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