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Payments and the Need for Speed

Learn the importance of speed in the payments process from innovation to real time payments, to real-time access to payments data.

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Faster payments have become an expectation, even for businesses that may not be utilizing them yet. For many industry segments, real-time payments have become table stakes as companies seek to create market differentiation, increase recipient satisfaction, and streamline the payments process. While these innovations in real-time payments, including push-to-card and RTP, are significant, the need for speed also includes real-time access to data and automation of processes, such as payment routing, payment reconciliation, and payment integration. Businesses that do not begin to incorporate payments offerings that allow flexibility, scalability, and speed of payment and data are at a disadvantage compared to competing businesses in the market.

This white paper, sponsored by Discover® Global Network, provides an overview of speed as a consideration of payment methods used and in payments modernization.

The information provided herein is sponsored by Discover® Global Network. It is intended for informational purposes, and is not intended as a substitute for professional advice.